Hello, my name is Andrew. I’m a Lichfield & Abingdon based photographer, specialising in Portraits.


I began creating images when I was 13, using my brothers Nikon SLR film camera. I have always had a creative nature, and discovered the camera enables me to capture moments in time - this has facinated me ever since.

I am interested in fashion, and in particular historical fashion. I am also interested in the different syles of photography which has developed since the 1840's to the present time. These styles have been driven by technological innovations.

Musicians are really fabulous, they evoke emotions of energy, and enable us to connect with feelings of tenderness, loss or love. I enjoy working with them whatever their style.

I enjoy my career as an Commercial Engineer however, I really love being creative. Photography enables me to meet new people, make friends and see into other worlds.
I do take on commissions such as weddings or product photography however, I mostly enjoy being creative with like minded individuals. I continue to experiment with new techniques and always strive to develop my craft - and have lots of fun along the way !

Please contact me if you have a creative idea for a photoshoot, it would be great to hear from you.









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